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Close friend Michael

Michael Dixon is Alberto’s cousin and one of his closest friends. He has been supporting Alberto Deoband throughout his whole life and is indirectly responsible for many of his successes.

Currently, he’s doing a lot of community service and youth education in his home town of Mobile, Alabama. Aside from all the community involvement he is also running an asphalt paving company: where 25 percent of all of his profits goes back into the community. His devotion to his city and it’s youth is truly inspiring to anyone who’s looking to change the world. He does it every day, one speech and decision at a time.

Michael have always been a role model and a friend to each one of us, even though our main teacher is Mr. Deoband. The only way we can explaing his presence in our lives is like this: a person in your life, that you aren’t having much contact with, but every time you do, it’s a mind and life changing encounter. Continue reading Close friend Michael