What Is Friendship

To all of my readers, followers and friends… Today I’m writing about friendship and what it means to me. I will be providing a few examples as well to paint a picture in your minds.

Before I forget, I am writing¬†this on behalf of my dear friend, Marco. He is currently living in Little Rock, Arkansas and works at tree removal company where he’s a helper to the arborist. Marco has been of great service to his community back when we were very close and as I understand it, he is still a huge if not an even bigger part of the community. Enough about this amazing man and let’s move on to the story…

What is friendship and how to distinguish between fake, weak and strong (real) friends.

My journey of true friendship began when I was young, back in the 2nd grade thinking that the world owes something to me… Yes, I grew up that way and had a tough path of changing from that boy, to the man I am today. I was at the history class, room 11B, when the teacher had asked me to stand up and recite the last 10 presidents including the current one. I, being the little brat that i was, stood up and told her that I needed to go to the restroom and the response I got wasn’t what I’ve expected, so I went off on the teacher. The whole class was watching me and I definitely got an earful from the principal, teacher, my parents and even my older brother. This whole situation led me to connect with my brother. He explained to me how important mutual respect is to well being of myself and the world around me, and thank god I’ve been paying attention to him. We’ve even gotten as far as doing a quiz every so often, on manners and behavior.

My brother’s name is Alec and we are very close even though after moving out of Little Rock, he went off to the East Coast. I consider him one of my most valuable and understanding mentors and the guy is only 5 years older than me. It’s nuts, right? Throughout the time we were growing up and before Alec moved out of the house and into his dorm room, the situations we’ve gotten ourselves into were simply unfit for kids that age, especially myself! The reason we were able to get out of any trouble, which usually I was the cause of most of the time, was our teamwork. Not too many people know that over 40 percent of all siblings aren’t close spiritually, even though they live, eat and sleep under the same roof and sometimes even in the same rooms.

What is the point of this story or the morale if you might say?

Connect with your siblings and get to know them on a very real level, so to say. Be interested in the and I promise that you’ll find not just a friend, but a partner in crime, trusted adviser and most importantly a secret keeper. It is also very important to re-connect with you siblings if for some reason that connection had been lost due to a move, separation or anything in between.

I’m really hoping that this post will make you take action instead of just reading and nodding your heads. Cheer up and make a friend!