What Is Friendship

To all of my readers, followers and friends… Today I’m writing about friendship and what it means to me. I will be providing a few examples as well to paint a picture in your minds.

Before I forget, I am writing this on behalf of my dear friend, Marco. He is currently living in Little Rock, Arkansas and works at tree removal company where he’s a helper to the arborist. Marco has been of great service to his community back when we were very close and as I understand it, he is still a huge if not an even bigger part of the community. Enough about this amazing man and let’s move on to the story…

What is friendship and how to distinguish between fake, weak and strong (real) friends.

My journey of true friendship began when I was young, back in the 2nd grade thinking that the world owes something to me… Yes, I grew up that way and had a tough path of changing from that boy, to the man I am today. I was at the history class, room 11B, when the teacher had asked me to stand up and recite the last 10 presidents including the current one. I, being the little brat that i was, stood up and told her that I needed to go to the restroom and the response I got wasn’t what I’ve expected, so I went off on the teacher. Continue reading What Is Friendship

Close friend Michael

Michael Dixon is Alberto’s cousin and one of his closest friends. He has been supporting Alberto Deoband throughout his whole life and is indirectly responsible for many of his successes.

Currently, he’s doing a lot of community service and youth education in his home town of Mobile, Alabama. Aside from all the community involvement he is also running an asphalt paving company: http://www.paversofmobile.com where 25 percent of all of his profits goes back into the community. His devotion to his city and it’s youth is truly inspiring to anyone who’s looking to change the world. He does it every day, one speech and decision at a time.

Michael have always been a role model and a friend to each one of us, even though our main teacher is Mr. Deoband. The only way we can explaing his presence in our lives is like this: a person in your life, that you aren’t having much contact with, but every time you do, it’s a mind and life changing encounter. Continue reading Close friend Michael

Al’s Store

Alberto Deoband was like a father to me. I called him Papa Al. He always took care of me and my sisters.

I grew up in a pretty big family as a young girl. I had four brothers and five sisters not including me. My parents had to work day and night to support our big family so they weren’t really around much when I was younger. I didn’t have an authority figure to look up or guide me in many ways in my life. And then I met .

It was one day after school as I was in the local convenience store. I was buying candy for my younger sister and two younger brothers. They trailed after me each holding another hand as I led them through the aisles. They would pick up items and look to me with pleading eyes, begging for me to buy them. I kept telling them that I could not afford all of the things they were asking for and they would have to split one item because momma had asked me to get milk and eggs. Continue reading Al’s Store


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